Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Cover Project

Thought I would post this project I did for my Graphic Design class since its essentially a comic illustration and I thought comickers might enjoy it! The assignment was to make a book cover for a fairy tale/folk tale/fable. I chose to illustrate a cover for the old story "3 Billy Goats Gruff". For those who aren't familiar its a story where 3 goats attempt to cross a bridge and have to deal with a grumpy troll trying to eat them. (Spoiler Alert! hah) In the end the troll waits for the 3rd (largest) goat to cross because he will be the most filling but the 3rd goat is too big and he kills the troll. So I decided to put a little spin on the usual cover art for this story, where the goats are fearing the troll, and make the troll intimidated by the beastly goat! Its probably my favorite digitally colored artwork I've done so far. Hope you enjoy!



  1. i saw you working on this and matting it and i really like it, deff one of the best in ur class. My one point of constructive criticism is that the troll should be looking up at the goat, i feel this could be fixed really easily just by redrawing the iris/pupil part it be looking more up. Otherwise, really good.

    P.S. we need to find a time to get a game in.

  2. Always awesome to see what you're working on!