Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3D MERX gets animated

3D MERX from Matt Dye on Vimeo.

You may remember last spring I posted an image of a 3D model of MERX from Nathan and the Land of Robots. Well, this last semester I took a 3D animation class and decided to take that model to the next level. I rigged it for animation, created a setting and lighting and made a little animation to demonstrate the model a bit.
Anyone who has read Nathan and the Land of Robots may recognize this scene. Its a brief segment where MERX is in the Robot Forest and he hears the crab-like Scrapper robots scuttling around him before they jump out and startle him.
I realize this animation is only 4 seconds long, but I will borrow one of my classmate's words and say, "This was the longest 4 seconds of my life". It really makes it apparent why 3D animation teams consist of hundreds and hundreds of employees with one specific piece of the project to work on. But this was a fun project that let me stretch my legs in all of the disciplines of 3D animation.

Hope you enjoy!


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