Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Covers!


Earlier tonight, my co-worker from VGKids, Mario Martinez did me a HUGE favor and helped me print my new comic book covers after work. We had a few drinks and a good time knocking these things out. They turned out awesome! Mario did a killer job printing them and I got to run the press for a bit too! Its so nice to be able to work at such an awesome facility with great people who are willing to help me out.

I included some preview pictures of how they turned out. Sorry that they aren't very good pictures! They don't do the covers justice. The cover for The Messenger is metallic gold ink and the new Nathan covers are metallic silver and blue/green. They look really sweet in person!

With a little energon and a lot of luck I will have both of these books available for sale at the People's Art Fair in Detroit next weekend (8/27)!

I will post more on that soon!



  1. Energon? I didn't realize you are a Transformer. The new Nathan cover looks sweet, even better then the last. What ever happened to your comic about the kid returning to Earth? Come on man, get that going, I wanna read it.

  2. New Covers: Hellz yes!

    Comic about kid returning to Earth (Turns to Tyler, "It's called "Nimbus."): Hellz yes!!!

  3. Hey saw you and bought one of your books at the Saginaw Art Market. They look super nice! =D Great job.