Friday, July 19, 2013

Budweiser Guitar Painting Pics


  Here are some pics of the guitar I painted at the Budweiser Made in Michigan party recently. All the work in progress shots were taken by Brenda Shea (thank you!). Unfortunately the only finished pictures I have of the guitar were taken with my cell phone (no thank you!) so they aren't as nice.

This whole thing was done in a four hour span from 8pm-Midnight during a concert at the Fillmore. It was a ton of fun and all the staff and crew from the Budweiser tour and the Fillmore were very accommodating. I got to meet / talk to lots of new people (even though I had a hard time hearing anything). It was a blast and I'm happy with the results. This guitar, along with 30 others from different artists in different cities, is headed to Philadelphia for the final show of the tour at the end of August.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at this event!

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