Monday, March 22, 2010

Pencils Are DONE!

Big news! This weekend I finished penciling all 30 pages of Nimbus Part I. I'm really happy with how its turning out and I'm glad to have reached a turning point in the process of this book. The next step for me is to have my friends/peers read and edit my work for me. I consider this one of the most important steps and everyone who has helped me edit my work has helped me take my work to a level I couldn't reach by myself. After editing I will begin Inking and finally, book design and production (minus the covers, which are already done!)

I have also decided that from now on I will update my blog every Monday. I feel that updating without a schedule has made my work harder to follow and having a deadline will add a bit of motivation for me to get more work done in a week. So at the beginning of every week I will post a regular update (probably Monday evenings, FYI)

The rest of this week, for me, will change directions from Nimbus and return to Nathan and the Land of Robots for a bit. With the MSU Comics Forum coming up this Saturday and SPACE coming up in April, I will need to print more copies of Nathan so I don't run out! So this week will consist of late nights at the art building printing books and making some other goodies in preparation for upcoming events!

till next time!


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