Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Update


As promised last post, I am updating my blog because it is Monday! But not just because its Monday. I also have news to share!

1st- As you can see in the picture, I have printed about 70 new copies of Nathan and the Land of Robots, which used up the rest of the covers I had printed. So when these copies are all gone it will be a bear to make more! They will be available at SPACE in April!

2nd- I had a great time at the MSU Comics Forum last weekend! I met a ton of great people, really talented artists, and I got to read a bunch of great comics! So thank you to everyone who came out to the Forum and helped make it really fun.

3rd- While at the Comics Forum I got thinking that it would be to my benefit to come out with a small new comic that I can give away at SPACE to hopefully give people a glimpse of my work. So I plan on using the month that I have before space to crank out a little minicomic that will feature MERX from Nathan and the Land of Robots. I will keep you posted as this project progresses. I'm really excited about it (even though it pains me to put Nimbus I on the back burner for another month). It will be good to have something new to be excited about at SPACE

That's all for now!

'Till next week


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