Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Late Post!

Photo Credit: Brenda Shea

Okay, sorry again for the late post folks, but its a busy week!

Last weekend was crunch time for me on the inking of my MERX mini comic, and it is officially done! As you can see from the picture, I started running out of time and I had to employ my girlfriend's cat to finish the inking. That is guest artist, Pitter Patterson. Unfortunately I can't give her credit in the book because all of her lines didn't end up being inside the panel borders.

Tonight I will be drawing the cover art for the mini comic and hopefully getting them printed and ready for SPACE this weekend. Once again my new MERX mini comic will be ZERO dollars at SPACE. All you need to do is show up and find me!

I hope to see you there!



  1. Pitter Patterson! XD That's fantastic.

    P.S. Save me a Merx Mini! :)

    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

  2. Look forward to seeing your new comic.

  3. Matt
    just read the mini comic "merx". I thought the best thing about it was the fact that in just a few short pages you already know a lot about the character and his world. I liked the little details like "Bolts!" and the character of Frater. Looks like something to check out in the future.
    email me back at strawmancomics at gmail.com