Monday, April 26, 2010

Return from SPACE

As you may or may not know, SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) was last weekend and me and a bunch of my friends made the trip to Ohio to exhibit. I had a really great time and met a ton of awesome people and bought a ton of awesome comics!

It was a ton of fun hanging out with my table mates Austin Hendry and Grace Cichy while struggling to find the pool and repeatedly bumping into Guy Davis (who was extremely friendly and supportive of our little table. If you somehow don't know who he is check him out!). I want to thank my girlfriend, Brenda Shea, for coming with us, making us laugh, taking pictures and helping me with behind the table duties. Also, for providing foodstuffs to our table when we all started to zombify! And I definitely want to give a shout out to my teacher/friend/table neighbor Ryan Claytor. Its always fun hanging out with him and he did a really good job of helping and promoting his former students (as he always does). Speaking of his former students, it was good to see Ryan from Double Clicked Comics, as well as Amber Scharf, Beth Sparks, Diana Busby, and Leslie Anderson.

So there you have it, SPACE was rad and I would love to attend it again next year. It also inspired me to get back into Nimbus and I have already started inking. I will be inking this book twice (sort-of). You see, because the finished Nimbus I-III will be around 100 pages, I may some day have the desire to color it and put it all together. But my typical inking style isn't very receptive to digital coloring. So I will go through the comic in a less ink heavy style and scan it for possible future coloration and then I will go back and make it look extra beautiful in black and white!

Until next week!



  1. you forgot to mention burritos the size of your head! waaa! good job at space! and your welcome for foodstuffss!

  2. Hey! I wanted to thank you for the trade ( I do believe we did) and to say I enjoyed what I received from you. Perhaps I bought it. I don't remember. But thank you regardless.

  3. Thanks Mike!
    I keep digging through my stash of SPACE comics and I can't seem to find yours. I could swear I remember trading with you but maybe not. I do have a really cool drawing of the letter F you did that looks like its made out of feathers! In any case, I'll have to get one of your comics next time our paths cross!
    Thanks again,