Monday, April 12, 2010

MERX Mini Comic


Well this week I received my copies of the new Red Cedar Review with my artwork on the cover and my comic "Chewski Goes Fishin" inside. Its pretty awesome to see my artwork printed on a paperback.

Also, a piece of my graphic design work is currently up in the Kresge Art Museum's undergrad exhibit and it received an award! Now, before you say "graphic design is boring, I don't want to see that!" I have to tell you, it does include dinosaurs and a small amount of blood.

In more comic related news: I have started inking my still un-named Nathan and the Land of Robots mini comic and I have included the first page of the comic as a little preview. I hope to get this comic done, or mostly done by the end of the week. If only I didn't have so much school work!

Till next week



  1. RE: Brenda's Comment - Seriously.

    RE: Red Cedar Review - How do I get a copy?

    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

  2. I'm pumped for the mini comic, that other mailbot design is awesome!

  3. Thanks guys! To Ryan- I'll email you if I figure that out. The RCR website appears to be like 2 years out of date and I can't really get any information from it