Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just stumbled upon this while searching my computer for a lost design file and I thought it would be fun to post here. I sketched this comic during a long car ride from Florida to Michigan with some inspirational help from my girlfriend's nephew, Jonah (who I'm pretty sure is on his way to becoming a sweet artist). I didn't realize I ever scanned this comic, but apparently I did! So here you go! I will call this masterpiece; Transformers: The Rise and Fall of Soccicon (Michael Bay adaptation coming soon)


  1. haha awesome! where's jonah's version?

  2. Very cool, Matt.

    I couldn't find your e-mail anywhere and wanted to see if you'd like to contribute to my anthology, Candy or Medicine. We met at SPACE last year and I gave you some copies. E-mail me at info (at) candyormedicine (dot) com.

  3. Brenda- I don't know! I don't remember scanning these, but I know I have his version in that notebook somewhere. I should find it and post it!

    Josh- I will email you!