Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I recently drew this story board for my 3D Computer Animation class. We were supposed to pitch story ideas for the upper level animation class to work on next semester. Since I am graduating, even if my idea was used I wouldn't be able to work on it but I wanted to pitch a fun story anyways.
My friend Kevin Folk and I were talking about facial hair in relation to job interviews and we thought this would be a funny idea. After I pitched it in class my teacher thought another good ending would be if he walked out of the interview and there were a row of portraits off all the company's great leaders on the wall and they were all bearded. I kind of like that ending a lot.

Note: For the talking in this I was imagining it being like mumbling or incoherent noises. I didn't think speech would be necessary.




  1. The portrait idea is pretty funny. As for the talking, you should just have them record the "talking" off of The Sims. Its the perfect nonsense talk.

  2. I like your work. I run a screen printing shop and am working on this project Think about it!

  3. Sounds like a cool project! And I love screen printing so I may have to contribute sometime. Thanks for letting me know!